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The Australian Museum Wildlife Genetics Unit has approximately 10 years’ experience in the analysis and identification of wildlife-strike samples from airports around Australia and South East Asia. Our extensive DNA reference database contains thousands of reference samples from wildlife strike cases along with samples from the Australian Museum’s bird and bat collection.  The wildlife genetics unit staff are happy to answer any of your questions on sample collection or DNA-based species identification.


  • Supply of wildlife-strike DNA collection kits for the aviation industry
  • DNA-based species identification service.


Australian Museum Wildlife Genetics Unit
P: 02 9320 6488, 9320 6292
A:  6 College Street, Sydney NSW 2010

As industry leaders, Avisure has more than twenty-five years’ experience managing aviation hazards and wildlife strike risks around the world. Our clients include airports, aircraft operators, military, regulators, off-airport land users and various other members of the global aviation industry. Our tertiary-qualified team of specialists include wildlife biologists, pilot, a wildlife veterinarian and environmental scientists that are trained in airport safety and operations. Trained wildlife management technicians back our consultants. Avisure has a thorough understanding of aviation, safety and environmental legislative requirements to ensure a compliant and ethical management approach.


  • Assessment: Compliance; Operational Risk Management, Wildlife Hazard Assessment; Off-Airport and Development; Expert Witness; GIS Analysis and Mapping.
  • Planning: Wildlife Hazard Management; Quality, Safety and Environment Management.
  • Implementation: Onsite aviation support; Wildlife Hazard Management Programs; Wildlife Hazard Management Training.


P: 1300 112 021

Since 2002, we have specialised in Airport Wildlife and Vegetation Management. We provide consulting and strategic project management throughout the entire lifecycle – from environmental and risk assessments, through to hazard and bird strike mitigation.


  • Airport Wildlife Management Plans
  • Bird Control, Netting and Prevention
  • Wildlife Strike Mitigation, Risk Assessment and Management
  • Lethal control airside of high risk bird species
  • Bird Dispersal: Specialised Trained Dog Teams
  • Airside Reporting Officer
  • Risk assessments on and off airport
  • Ecological assessments
  • Vertebrate pest lethal control airside


P: 1300 319 954

IVM Group is a specialist vegetation management consultancy firm. We provide cutting-edge passive management techniques to help clients utilise proactive and sustainable management practices to make their airports as unattractive as possible to all wildlife, in an environmentally responsible way.

Managing grass airside helps to reduce wildlife strike risk, along with other secondary benefits, including:

  • Reducing the cost and frequency of mowing
  • Reducing FOD issues and management requirements
  • Driving operational efficiency dividends.

The basis of our methodology is implementing IVM (Integrated Vegetation Management) strategies that represent a science-based approach to the enhancement of green space environments.

Our services include:

  • Site-specific species survey & data analytics
  • IVM program development & implementation
  • Staff training & workshops
  • Scientific site monitoring & reporting
  • Digital food source monitoring
  • Weed mapping
  • Vegetation management plans


P: 07 5689 1792 


Jasko logo 

JASKO Airport Services provide a wide range of specialist airport and aviation services to aerodrome owners and operators, government agencies and industry consultants throughout Australia and the South Pacific region.

We specialise in aerodrome operations and support including technical and safety inspections, OLS surveys, compliance inspections, management relief services, wildlife hazard management, aerodrome supplies and equipment and aerodrome ARO/WSO training.

Our wildlife services are designed to meet the regulators requirements and are tailored to your aerodromes specific scale of operation and wildlife risks.


  • Wildlife Hazard Management Plan.
  • Wildlife Management Training (1-day Course).
  • Wildlife Hazard Management Audit.
  • Wildlife Risk Assessment.
  • Off-airport Land-use Assessment (NASF Guideline).
  • Habitat and Land-use Assessment (Vegetation Planting Guideline).


P: +61 7 3274 6222

Operating since 2003, O.T.S. is a leading scientific consultancy specialising in aviation ornithology for an international client base. Our tertiary-qualified team includes specialist aviation ornithologists, zoologists, entomologists and a mechanical engineer, offering unparalleled expertise in wildlife hazard management and strike risk reduction.

O.T.S. draws on a wealth of bird and wildlife specific knowledge to provide client/airport tailored solutions ensuring compliance with national and international regulators, the EPBC Act and NASF guidelines.


  • Wildlife Hazard Management Plan production, implementation, and auditing
  • Integrated landside/airside development projects; risk assessment and mitigation
  • Passive habitat and wildlife management including wetland (drainage) design and risk mitigation solutions
  • Active management, including non-lethal methods
  • Risk-based wildlife surveys and reporting
  • Strike risk assessment/monitoring software
  • Experimental design, data analysis and GIS mapping
  • Staff training for aviation wildlife risk management


P: 0863 050 778, +61 438 910 252

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