Adelaide ground operations by Duncan Grant

Recommended practices

The AAWHG, together with industry, are developing Recommended Practices (RP) for aviation Wildlife hazard Management. 
The development of these RP documents allows the aviation industry to:

  • Utilise the most suitable elements that are available from worldwide practice;
  • Capture the unique experiences and knowledge available from our industry; and
  • Tailor our practices to meet the conditions that are unique to Australia. 

Four practice documents have now been finalised with more under draft. Please click on the links below to access these documents.  Additional RP documents will continue to be developed over the coming year. 
If you wish to provide feedback on any draft or finalised document, or would like to assist in developing an RP for your interest area, please email us via
The following is the suite structure for these documents and the current status of each:

Suite 0 – Terminology  and Phraseology

RP 0.0 Terminology
Status:  For Comment
RP 0.1 Phraseology
Status: For Comment

Suite 1 – Wildlife Monitoring, Identification, Analysis and Recording

RP 1.1 Wildlife Monitoring
Status: Proposed.
RP 1.2 Wildlife Identification
Status: Proposed.
RP 1.3 Wildlife Risk Assessment and Analysis
Status:  Finalised. 
RP 1.4 Database management
Status: Working group has been formed.  Drafting expected to commence from August 2014.

Suite 2 – Wildlife Hazard Reporting

RP 2.1 External Reporting
Status: Proposed.
RP 2.1.2 Wildlife Condition Reporting
Status: Proposed.
RP 2.2 Internal Reporting
Status: Proposed.

Suite 3 – Ground Based Mitigation

RP 3.1 Passive Management
Status: Proposed.
RP 3.2 Active Management
Status: Proposed.
RP 3.2.1 Firearms: General Safety
Status:  Finalised.
RP 3.2.2 Firearms:  Effective use
Status: Proposed.
RP 3.2.3 Lasers: General Safety
Status:  Finalised

Suite 4Aircraft Based Mitigation

RP 4.1 Wildlife Strike Minimisation
Status: Proposed

Suite 5Training

RP 5.1 Training and competency: Aerodrome Safety Personnel
Status: Finalised.
RP 5.2 Training and competency: Flight Crew
Status: Finalised.
RP 5.3 Ground based personnel
Status: Proposed.
RP 5.4 General public awareness
Status: Proposed.

Suite 6Performance measuring, Quality Assurance, Change Management

RP 6.1 Performance measuring, Quality Assurance, Change Management
Status: Proposed