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Industry Awards​

The 2024 awards will be presented at the AAWHG forum in Melbourne, 13-15 August. 

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Each forum year, the Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group recognises those individuals or organisations that are implementing innovative and effective aviation wildlife management strategies through an Avisure-sponsored award.

We’re calling for nominations for the 2024 awards, to be presented at the AAWHG forum in Melbourne, 13-15 August. 

Nominations close: Friday 28 June

Commendations are given to representatives from the industry for their outstanding contribution to reducing wildlife strike risk.

Selection criteria

Individuals receiving a commendation will:

  • Contribute positively to the industry in the field of wildlife risk mitigation
  • Demonstrate innovation in, or a novel application of, wildlife hazard management techniques
  • Promote positive stakeholder engagement
  • Increase safety and environmental awareness.

Selection process

The AAWHG is now calling for nominations from industry. If you wish to nominate someone for these awards, please complete the entry form below, summarising the nominee’s achievements in no more than 400 words. Please ensure your summary addresses the selection criteria listed above.

Nomination form

Past Award recipients

Last year was to be a forum year, so congratulations to joint 2021 winners, Darwin International Airport/IVM and Rockhampton Airport, who received their awards in a virtual presentation in February 2022.

2022 Industry Award Winners

Martin Hanley / Ballina Byron Gateway Airport

2022 Industry Award - winner

Biodiversity Australia

2022 Industry Award - ​Runner up

Gold Coast Airport

2022 Industry Award - ​Runner up

2022 Commendations

Fiona Fernandes / Melbourne Airport

2022 Industry Award - ​Commendation

Xiaoyu Wu / Griffith University​

2022 Industry Award - ​Commendation

2021 Awards and Commendations

Darwin International Airport/IVM and Rockhampton Airport

2021 Industry Award

The two airports will share the Avisure-supported major trophy, and also received individual trophies, again supported by Avisure. 
Top image: Martin Ziviani, Avisure’s Senior Wildlife Biologist (l.) presenting the award to Dan Winter, Rockhampton’s Coordinator Airport Operations (r.)
Second image: Darwin International Airport were proud co-winners of the 2021 AAWHG industry award.

Giles Standish: Ventia
2021 Commendation

Giles Standish received a certificate of commendation for his outstanding work in reducing wildlife strike risk at Royal Australian Air Force bases, chiefly RAAF Edinburgh, South Australia

Image: Giles Standish (l.) of Ventia being presented with his commendation by Ronel Jit, Avisure’s Regional Manager/Principal Environmental Scientist (r.)

2016 Awards and Commendations

Jackson Ring and Matthew Hill

BAC and Qantas

2016 Industry Award

Brisbane Airport Corporation and Qantas have devoted a large amount of time and resources to research the wasp habits associated with blocked pitot tubes. The results of this research will lay the foundation for efforts to reduce aviation incidents related to previously unstudied topic. It also exemplifies the integrated approach that AAWHG strives for in reducing wildlife related aviation incidents. The research is still ongoing, but is likely to provide evidence for recommended practices in the future.

Peter Friel
(Steve Noy accepted on his behalf)
2016 Commendation

For over a year Peter has been working tirelessly to build the Airport Reporting Inspection System (ARINS) for airside reporting officers. This cloud based system allows for live reporting not only of wildlife interactions but other duties of which an ARO may fulfil on a daily basis. Peter has developed the system to ensure it is user friendly and compatible with both android and apple based tablets for seamless transition into the field. After implementing the system at multiple airports across the country, Peter has assisted in improving not only the quality of reports produced but the efficiency of the operations teams. This increased efficiency is allowing for more accurate information to be collected and stored without double handling of paperwork and easier reporting on return of operations for wildlife interactions for example.

453 Squadron, East Sale
(Catriona Dowling Accepted on their behalf)

2016 Commendation

The staff of 453 Squadron have not only embraced, but also helped shape the real-time live wildlife hazard reporting processes essential for improved safety. Through a process of active engagement with the wildlife management officer, they have been able to refine the volume and types of reports required by ATC to maintain adequate wildlife/ aircraft separation, whilst minimising unnecessary radio traffic. This process has even been adopted by the pilots of the resident squadrons, so that they are now reporting potential wildlife conflicts.

2015 Awards and Commendations

Dave Selby (Centre) with Wendy Weir, AAWHG Chair (right) and Phil Shaw, Avisure (left)

Dave Selby

Brisbane Airport Corporation 
2015 Industry Award

Dave Selby has been the Wildlife Coordinator at Brisbane Airport’s Airside Operations Centre for over three years. During his tenure in this position he has role modelled how to successfully engage both aviation and non-aviation related stakeholders in an effort to increase safety and awareness on wildlife hazard management issues. One example is his recent success with the Queensland Racing Pigeon Federation. After a significant strike event occurred at Brisbane Airport earlier this year, Dave attended a meeting of the Racing Pigeon Federation to raise awareness of this critical safety issue. As a result, the Queensland Racing Pigeon Federation is now considering the adoption of his recommendations in an effort to reduce their impact on aviation. In this way he has positively contributed to the aviation industry by showing us what successful industry engagement looks like: At all times he is approachable and enjoyable to work with and presents a positive outlook on what can at times be a very frustrating task. Additional to this is his general willingness to search out answers and apply a practical risk-based approach to wildlife hazard management. As a former pilot and an airside operations officer he has been able to apply unique insight into the practical aspects of this profession. Perhaps also it is his humility that is worth mentioning. Dave would just say that this is just part of his job. Congratulations to Dave Selby, this year’s recipient of the AAWHG Major Industry Award.

2015 Commendations

> Air North
> Captain Kim Fabian & First Officer Fiona Overton (Jetstar)
> Captain Darren Cousins & First Officer
> Nathaniel Scholar (QantasLink)
> Karumba Airport (Carpentaria Shire Council)
> ​Jason Horton, Mackay Airport
> Warren Jones, Townsville Airport

2014 Awards and Commendations

Paul Lamont (Centre) with Jill Brix, acting AAWHG Chair (right) and Phil Shaw, Avisure (left

Paul Lamont

Cairns Airport 
2014 Industry Award

Paul was recognised for his achievements in managing the wildlife hazard management program at Cairns Airport. This airport was among the first to introduce a wildlife hazard condition report in response to the local flying fox populations who were threatened from, and were a hazard to, aircraft operations.

2013 Awards and Commendations

FLTLT Bruce Preston (right) with Wendy Weir, AAWHG Chair and Phil Shaw, Avisure

FLTLT Bruce Preston

RAAF Edinburgh

2013 Industry Award

Bruce was recognised for his management and direction of the Base Wildlife Management Program which is now viewed within Defence as the “Future Standard” for aviation wildlife management. In addition, Bruce was recognised for his assistance in the development of Australia’s first working avian radar system.
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