AAWHG Workshop
23rd and 24th July 2019

Events and meeting calendar


Theme (TBC): ‘Research and innovation’

Planning is underway for our biennial forum, attended by delegates from Australasia and beyond.

The date and venue will be announced soon.

Please contact info@aawhg.org if you are interested in presenting a paper at next year’s forum.

Industry Awards

Each year the Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group recognises those individuals or organisations that are implementing innovative and effective aviation wildlife management strategies.

Commendations are given to a representative from a regional airport, a major airport, and an airline.

Selection Criteria
Individuals receiving a commendation will:
• Contributes positively to the industry in the field of wildlife risk mitigation
• Demonstrates innovation or a novel application of wildlife hazard management techniques
• Promotes positive stakeholder engagement
• Increases safety and environmental awareness.

Selection Process
Applicants must submit to the AAWHG Conference Secretariat, a half page summary (300 words or less) of the nominee’s achievements along with contact details. The summary must address the selection criteria listed above. Please submit to MECCA Concepts Pty Ltd C/- PO Box 2646, Mount Waverley VIC 3149 or via email: meccaconcepts@bigpond.com

Nominations close Day, 8th July 2019