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What we do

The Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group aims to:

  • Raise industry and public awareness of aviation wildlife hazards, associated risks and their management
  • Promote industry best practice in aviation wildlife hazard management
  • Provide a forum for stakeholders to discuss aviation wildlife hazard management and risk reduction methods
  • Be the go-to information source for organisations and individuals with a vested interest in aviation wildlife hazard management
  • Provide aviation wildlife hazard management policy, safety regulation and guidance material advice to the Australian government
  • Liaise with other aviation wildlife hazard bodies worldwide
  • Monitor progress in research, regulations, procedures and the methods available to manage aviation wildlife risk
  • Encourage wildlife hazard management training for, and promote proficiency of, aviation wildlife hazard management personnel
  • Encourage ongoing monitoring and recording of wildlife activity and strikes affecting aviation safety
  • Encourage the reporting of all wildlife hazards and wildlife strikes to the ATSB and related bodies
  • Monitor and review both national and international regulations, standards and guidance material on aviation wildlife hazard management.

Download AAWHG’s charter and strategic plan:

Who we are

The national Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group (AAWHG) grew from a meeting between the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) and the Australasian Aviation Ground Safety Council (AAGSC) in 2003.

In 2010, the AAWHG was formally recognised as the primary aviation wildlife hazard management reference body in Australia. The AAWHG fulfils Australia’s commitment to have a national bird strike committee as recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) under Document 9137 Part 3, Bird control and reduction.

The group has met regularly since 2003, and its expanding membership includes multiple aviation industry stakeholders and organisations.

The AAWHG executive team, representing a range of these organisations, volunteer their expertise in the interests of improving aviation safety.

Current Executive Office Bearers


Jackson Ring

Brisbane Airport Corporation

Deputy Chair

Matthew Bolin

Civil Aviation Safety Authority


David Anderson

Flight Safety Foundation

Communications Officer

Margo Marchbank

Koru Communication

Event Manager

Jill Brix



Donna Kerr

Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities

Executive Members

Eric Loteyro

Event assistant
Regional Express 

Mike Higgins

Regional Aviation Association of Australia

Andrew Williams

Biodiversity Australia

Captain Brian Greeves

Australian Airline Pilots Association/Australian and International Pilots Association

First Officer Esther Veldstra

Australian Airline Pilots Association

Thomas Lenne

Australian Transport Safety Bureau

To be confirmed

Airservices Australia

Iain White

Department of Defence

Martin van der Merwe

Department of Defence

To be confirmed

Virgin Australia

To be confirmed

Qantas Airways

To be confirmed


Dr Matthew Lott

Australian Museum

David Wiman


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