2021 Webinar Series

Research and Innovation

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The Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group’s 2021 webinar series focused on the ‘Research and Innovation’ in wildlife hazard management. The webinars featured presentations from Australian and international speakers on key industry issues such as the impact of DNA-ID on managing wildlife hazards; collaboration between operational personnel and scientific researchers; active vs passive management; and the impact of COVID-19 on wildlife management.

Running time of each webinar recording 120 minutes.

Webinar One – Research and Innovation

The series opened with Dr Matthew Lott of the Australian Museum, speaking on the impact of DNA on wildlife hazard management, and included helpful case studies of innovative hazard management from Australian researchers.

Date: Tuesday 5 October 2021
Time: 9am – 11am AEDT

0900 (AEDT)

Overview of AAWHG activities

Session one moderator

Ash McAlpine | AAWHG Chair 

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)


Welcome to the webinar series

Pip Spence | CEO and Director of Aviation Safety



DNA collection and analysis for wildlife airstrike management

Dr. Matthew Lot | Technical Officer

Australian Museum


New techniques for bird counts at Auckland Airport – audio monitoring

Bill Rutherford | Ornithologist

Ornithological Technical Services (OTS)


What have we learned from 20 years of bird counts at Melbourne Airport? 

Dr William Steele | Ornithologist

Ecology Balance


Ibis at Perth Airport

Bill Rutherford | Ornithologist

Ornithological Technical Services (OTS)


Don’t feed the birds: reducing wildlife food sources at Darwin International Airport

Nick Bloor | CEO | IVM

Mike Clancy | Airside Operations Manager

Nick Fewster | Environment and Sustainability Manager

Darwin International Airport

1050-1055Q & A
Webinar Two – COVID-19 Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit aviation especially hard, creating challenges for all sectors of the industry. Webinar two’s speakers looked at the impact the pandemic has had on wildlife management, in Australia and globally.

Date: Tuesday 12 October 2021
Time: 9am – 11am AEDT

0900 – 0915

Moderator: David Anderson, AAWHG Executive | Flight Safety Foundation

Setting the scene

0915 – 0930

COVID-19 pandemic and WHM – a global update

Lalita Vaswani, Vice President

World Birdstrike Association

0930 – 0945

The impact of the COVID-19 air traffic downturn on US wildlife strike rates—an interrupted time series analysis 

Dan Parsons | PhD Researcher

Central Queensland University

0945 – 1000

Wildlife strikes in Australia – COVID-19 – the Qantas story

Simon Locke | Manager Boeing Programs, Fleet Engineering Management

Qantas Airways Limited

1000 – 1015

Success without lethal control – the COVID story

Andrew Williams | Unit Project Coordinator 

Biodiversity Australia

1015 – 1030 

[UNABLE TO PRESENT] Understanding wildlife risk in a COVID operational context 

Chris Perry | Aviation Ecologist

JASKO Airport Services

1030 -1045

Impact of COVID on pyrotechnic methodologies

Lee Beckett| Sales Manager

Noy Industries

1045 -1055

Q & A



Webinar Three – Collaboration

The final webinar in the 2021 series focused on collaboration, opening with a case study from Indonesia, where an airline and ornithologist collaborated on a project to ‘share the skies’.

Date: Tuesday 19 October 2021
Time: 9am – 11am AEST

0900 – 0915


Moderator: Brian Greeves | AAWHG Executive | Australian Air Line Pilots Association

0915 – 0945

Sharing the skies – stitching the missing puzzles

Captain Achmad Sadikin Abdurachman | Corporate Safety Director

PT Indonesia Air Asia 

Yusron Saaroni | Ornithologist

Yayasan Pribumi Alam Lestari

0945 – 1005

A decade of aviation wildlife hazard management at RAAF Edinburgh 

Ronel Jit | Principal Environmental Scientist | Regional Manager 


Giles Standish | Regional Manager Environmental Services – SA Defence Base Services



Potential improvements to wildlife strike data management standards 

Dan Parson | PhD Researcher

Central Queensland University

1020 – 1035

Wildlife strike data update  

Dr Thomas Lenné | Senior Research Analyst

Australian Transport Safety Bureau

1035 – 1055

Q & A


Closing remarks

Ashley McAlpine – AAWHG chair


Keynote speakers


2022 Presentations coming


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