2019 Workshop

Day 1

Session 1 – Passive management
Lessons learnt from grass trials and invertebrate studies at Australian Airports

Chris Fox, Australian Airports Association Representative
Nick Bloor, IVM Group Australia
Mike Clancy, Darwin International Airport
Chris Fox, Perth Airport
Jackson Ring, Brisbane Airport Corporation

Session 2 – off-airport monitoring & drones

John Pizzino, AAWHG Executive – Off-Airport Monitoring
Donna Kerr, AAWHG Executive – National Airport Safeguarding Framework
Denys Beveridge, Wellington Airport and Jess Bracks, Ecosure – Methods and results of tracking Black-backed gulls
Seb Davey, Transport Safety Investigator – Drones and wildlife – an overview of the issues
Gary Cooke, World Bird Strike Association – World Bird Strike Association Update

Parallel workshops

Thomas Lenné – WHMP Database
Andrew Williams – Wildlife Monitoring Methods
David Anderson – Risk Assessment Methods
Jackson King – Training and Competency-Air Traffic Control
Brian Greeves – Training and Competency-Flight Crew
Jill Brix – Training and Competency-Aerodrome Safety Personnel

Day 2

Session 3 – wildlife strike investigation

Lessons learned from 19 July 2018 Significant Strike – QF B737 and Jabiru, Brisbane Airport

Paul Tabac, Qantas
Jackson Ring, BAC
Jeff McKee, Avisure

Session 4 – products

Jill Brix, Avisure
Steve Noy, Director Noy Industries and Biodiversity – Dispersal Tools, New Products
Dr. Sheldon Navie, IVM Group Australia – Remote Insect Monitoring

Parallel workshops

Matt Bolin, Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Jill Brix – Remote and Regional Airport Issues
SQNLDR Alex White – Defence Airfield Issues
Margo Marchbank – Large Airport Issues

Media gallery

Day 1

Social function

Day 2

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