2012 Forum

The 2012 “Wildlife Management Forum” was hosted by the Australian Museum with the kind support of Sydney Airport Corporation Limited.  The AAWHG would like to extend a big thank you to both organisations for their continued support.

The 2012 forum was unique in that it featured a two day program with a tour of the Australia Museum and Sydney Airport on the second day.

Forum Overview

Presentations were made at the forum by a number of experts, consultants and speakers currently working in the field of wildlife hazard management.  Some of these presentations included:

  • An update on the AAWHG activities for 2012;
  • An update from the ATSB on the latest wildlife strike statistics and trends;
  • Results from a regulatory survey of Australia’s aerodromes on the techniques used and the resources available for wildlife hazard management;
  • An update on international efforts and innovations in wildlife hazard management;
  • An update on the new National Airport Safeguarding Framework and its intended role for wildlife hazard mitigation;
  • A legal perspective on wildlife hazard management and litigation;
  • A joint presentation tracking an actual ‘bird strike’ event from the perspective of the pilot, airport safety officer, aircraft engineer, airline management and laboratory personnel involved;
  • Case studies from Sydney Airport, Brisbane Airport and Darwin Airport.  
  • The role of DNA and visual techniques for species identification;
  • The history of wildlife strikes and our projected future;
  • An open discussion forum.

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