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2006 Forum

Over 80 people, representing all sectors of the aviation industry, came along to a recent forum to discuss the issue of bird and animal hazards and share how their organisations were managing the problem.

The Wildlife Education and Information Sharing forum was initiated by the Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group (of which CASA is a member).

The Forum was jointly sponsored by the Australian Airports Association, Boeing, CASA, Qantas, Sydney Airport, and Virgin Blue. Presentations were made at the forum by a number of experts in the field of bird and animal hazard management. Dr William Steele, a consultant employed by Melbourne Airport, kicked off the forum describing the work that the Airport has been doing in this area over the last ten years. One of the major points he made was that there is no simple fix the problem of birds and animals on airports – it was all hard work.

A presentation by Dr Rebecca Johnson, from the Australian Museum, updated everyone on the DNA research that she had been involved in and how this could benefit an airport.

Other presentations included:

  • a joint talk by Qantas and Virgin Blue who provided an airline perspective on managing wildlife strike risks
  • a report from Canberra Airport on the work they are doing in relation to data checking
  • an investigation into the habits of Ibis and research being conducted into mega-bats (flying foxes).

​An open discussion forum, with an expert panel, wrapped up the day. Questions raised were able to be answered by the panel and attendees in the audience who had a great deal of collective experience and expertise.

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